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Weather driven campaign

We are paving the way for personalization and automation. We have therefore prepared an e-mail campaign of the future for HUDYsport. We used the maximum available information about the interests of customers and connected it with the weather forecast. Thus, a weather-driven campaign was born, which brought great results and won first place for e-mailing in the WebTop100 competition.

1st place
in competition
WebTop 100
by 30 %
open rate
completely unique
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We made more visible in search engines

Our client is one of the leading Czech e-shops in the field of water, heating, gas, sanitation and sewage. Among other things already three times won the ShopRoku competition in the Quality Award category. We have been cooperating on SEO since the turn of 2018/2019 and since then we have been improving the client's long-term findability and revenue from organic search. Read more.

organic growth
traffic from Google
increase in sales
from organic
Google traffic
1st place
on behalf of
TOP keywords of the field
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Increase in turnover by 13 % thanks to the improvement of web search

Auto Hotárek is one of the established companies with car accessories on the Czech market, which also operates successfully in e-commerce. However, with the growth of the business, the breadth of the product range and thus the complexity of the e-shop offer also increases. The previous web search system was no longer sufficient for the client's needs, as users often could not find what they wanted to buy. Read how we solved the problem.

increase in turnover
increase in conversion rate
from search
by 25 %
fewer searches
no result
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We gained loyal customers through smart emailing

The traditional watch industry has long been struggling with the competition of smart watches, which is mainly represented by the Apple Watch. This situation complicates the acquisition of new customers and impairs growth potential. A client approached us to help them gain the attention of past customers and increase sales through email marketing.

conversion ratio
100% increase
recurring sales
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