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On Wednesday, November 14, the filming of the eCommerce Talks pilot took place in the Tančící Kuchyná premises in Prague. This is an internet series of the Acomware company, which deals with current topics that resonate across the Czech e-commerce scene. Participants answered questions related to the Christmas season in e-commerce, trends and customer experience. The invitation was accepted by Milan Šmíd from Zboží.cz, Michal Menšík from DoDo, Milan Polák from, Peter Hajduček from Footshop and Jan Vetyška from APEK.


The first-named gave a closer look at the behavior of e-shop customers during Christmas. From the point of view of the comparator Zboží.cz, he recommended to the operators of electronic stores a careful check of the current data in the XML feed. A number of entrepreneurs forget this and lose sales unnecessarily. For example, if the shipping price is not indicated, there is a risk of up to 30% loss of traffic. According to last year's data, Zboží.cz estimates that online shopping during the Christmas season will peak on December 10.

Michal Menšík drew attention to the frequent problem of e-shops, when they do not manage to send shipments on time during the Christmas season. This is primarily due to poor work with data that would allow e-shops to better predict the workload. At the same time, Michal Menšík recommended contractually agreeing personnel capacities with the carrier in advance. He saw the future of the logistics industry in the expansion of delivery points, parcel machines and the trend towards more frequent same-day delivery.

Returns belong to the most problematic part of the fashion business, which was confirmed by Milan Polák. The SizeID technology has proven itself very well for his e-shop. This allows customers to share their measurements with sellers in advance, which helps reduce bounce rates. At the same time, Milan Polák warns that any return is not entirely pleasant for the customer, and if the e-shop can handle everything reliably, it will greatly improve the overall customer experience.

The penultimate guest, Peter Hajduček, talked about the ways in which Footshop attracts the interest of popular shoe brands. He saw the basis in long-term profitability and reliability in his commitments. The personality of the e-shop owner also plays an equally important role. The partners greatly appreciate his personal interest in the entire field. Peter Hajduček sees the way to a better customer experience mainly in consistently getting to know his customers. Thanks to this, he anticipated a potential problem in time, when the demand for limited sneakers exceeded the supply many times over.

Because of this, there was a risk of dissatisfaction among his target group, which has a strong emotional attachment to this product range. That's why he set up a unique system of sales through raffle for special sneakers, which brings his customers a non-traditional buying experience.

The eCommerce Talks pilot program was concluded by Jan Vetyška, who expects increased market growth in fast moving goods, food and drugstores in 2019. The current situation suggests that e-shops will focus even more on last-mile logistics and more accurate timing of goods deliveries. Along with the growing up of the younger generation who routinely use smartphones, he recommends e-shops adapt as much as possible to the mobile interface. On the contrary, the electronics and white goods market will probably experience a slowdown in growth. Internet sales in these areas already have an overwhelming majority, so rocket growth cannot be expected here. During the interview, the subject of automation was also discussed, which, according to Jan Vetyška, will affect e-commerce mainly indirectly in production processes. This should be reflected in traders' awareness and better organization of deliveries. He also notices the trend of automating communication with the customer, however, in this case, e-shops risk losing human contact and thus a worse customer experience.




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The Czech e-commerce scene is a home for Acomware, which it is actively trying to develop and cultivate. He participates in the development and implementation of new tools and technologies, trains experts and enthusiasts. On the website publishes unique research and studies. He is the organizer of the Performance 2020, Emailing 2020 conferences and the Eshopista discussion cycle.

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