Pavel Čihák took over the management of consultants at Acomware


The position of head of consultants at Acomware was taken over in August by Pavel Čihák, who previously worked as head of marketing at MPU/Trinity Bank or Raiffeisen Bank.

Pavel Čihák joins Acomware from MPU/Trinity Bank, where he was responsible for marketing and human resources as a member of management. He also spent 5 years at the head of marketing communications for the domestic Raiffeisen Bank, in which, among other things, he participated in building a new strategy for this brand after the merger of eBanka and Raiffeisenbank.

At Acomware, in the role of Head of Consulting, he will be responsible for managing a team of consultants. "Pavel has rich experience not only from the client side, but from an earlier time also from agencies. I am absolutely sure that he will bring to our consultants a new perspective on building a relationship with our customers and will help us to further develop the department in line with our corporate strategy.” David Vurma, CEO of the company, promises himself from the change.

"It is a new professional challenge for me. I would like to help Acomware move its services to an even higher level of quality. My goals can be summed up in three points: to develop a team of consultants, to provide clients with superior service and to be a partner in their business." says Pavel Čihák.


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Acomware is a specialized consulting company for e-commerce and digital marketing. Since 2002, he has been helping companies achieve the best possible results in his environment. It increases sales, builds new brands or improves customer care. The company's services are used by retail chains, e-shops and manufacturing companies.

The Czech e-commerce scene is a home for Acomware, which it is actively trying to develop and cultivate. He participates in the development and implementation of new tools and technologies, trains experts and enthusiasts. On the website publishes unique research and studies. He is the organizer of the Performance 2020, Emailing 2020 conferences and the Eshopista discussion cycle.

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