Pepe JeansA small campaign. Great results

Great sales are simply in fashion. We have been working with the iconic British fashion brand Pepe Jeans since 2013. In 2016, we managed to prepare a highly effective campaign with lower costs and above average performance. We increased the conversion rate, sales and brought in a number of new customers.

4.7 million
turnover achieved
at 21 %
higher conversion
350 000
campaign budget
[CZK without VAT]


We saved time and money with quality analysis


"We have prepared a low-cost campaign that is clear proof that it is possible to multiply sales even with minimal investment."

The main task was to create an autumn campaign that was to be bigger and more successful than the previous year and to reach new groups of customers.

We performed a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and found that the number of users accessing the e-shop from a mobile device increased by 40 %. At the same time, however, the percentage of new customers decreased due to the absence of a responsive website and the lack of promotion of entire collections.


The work progress was as follows:

  1. Preparation and launch of a responsive e-shop with the aim of improving the experience for mobile visitors
  2. Preparation of new collections
  3. Media plan design with an emphasis on performance channels
  4. Creation of videos promoting new collections
  5. Preparation of mobile campaigns
  6. Connecting the e-shop with the stores - introducing the possibility of quick reservation of goods in the store


"The basis of the campaign was the creation of new product collections focused on school, work environment and free time."

The basis of the campaign was the creation of new product collections focused on school, work environment and free eyelashes. We prepared a communication strategy and shot promo videos for each collection.

We focused most of our advertising investments on performance channels – Search, E-mailing, Social and Remarketing. In terms of brand, we supported the campaign using YouTube, Display and RTB. Because the campaign costs were limited, we invested wisely, with the largest share for Display and Search.



Mobile shopping works

"We managed to increase sales and conversion rate by 21 %."


The results of the campaign were more than satisfactory - with a low budget of CZK 350,000, we achieved a turnover of CZK 4.7 million. We managed to increase sales and conversion ratio by 21 %. New customers accounted for 30 % of the total turnover, for mobile devices they even made up 45 % of all orders.


4.7 million

turnover achieved

21 %

increase in conversion rate

30 %

turnover is made up of new customers