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We founded Acomware with a big goal. And even after years of experience and a number of successes here and abroad, our goal has not changed. We are always here for you and growing together.

The people at Acomware
David Vurma


These values are close to us and help us better know what is right.


We are writing the history of online marketing.
Write it with us


We laid the foundation stone and decided to help companies implement economic systems, develop them and teach how to win in online business.

First achievements

The big success came after 4 years in 2006, when we managed to get the first important clients and start managing PPC campaigns for them.


1,000,000. Our projects and collected so many unique visitors in 2008. This year we also moved to new offices in Prague 10.

First specialization

With the growing potential of e-commerce, we decided in 2009 to focus on consulting in the field of Internet business and to concentrate on online marketing for e-shops.


Acomware got a new coat. The redesign of the logo and corporate identity brought the now iconic symbol of the shopping cart, which accompanied us and our clients for 8 long years.

First E-shop

"Eshopists to eshopists". With this motto, in 2014 we started a popular cycle of meetings of the top Czech e-commerce full of knowledge, inspiration and networking.


In 2017, we crossed the magical turnover threshold of CZK 190 million and have been growing ever since. But we never forget why we started.


Changes in the market in 2018 led us to the need for rebranding and the creation of a new corporate identity that corresponds to the current setting of the company. Consulting companies that believe in the digital world.


The change in positioning and strategy bore fruit. We exceeded CZK 250 million in turnover and are still growing. We develop new and existing services.


The emergence of a creative agency. We build brands, write, take photos, film, manage social networks, come up with campaigns and creative concepts.


We celebrated the 20th anniversary of our agency! For this event, we chose the rock venue Hard Rock Cafe Prague. We had fun, the clients also had fun, and there were over 300 of us in total.

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