We received the prestigious Gold Certified Partner Bloomreach certification. As one of the 7 companies in the world

Acomware once again proved that it is among the strongest players in the market in the field of customer data and marketing automation. It has become a Gold Certified Partner of one of the best-rated CDP customer data platforms, Bloomreach Engagement (formerly Exponea). It received this prestigious partnership as one of 7 companies in the world.

“We at Acomware started out in media buying and performance marketing 20 years ago. Thanks to our almost 15 years of e-mailing experience, we have also become one of the strongest players in the field of automated communication and one of the largest integrators of this CDP platform. This partnership is another proof for us that in the field of working with customer data and retention, we are among the top experts in the market of marketing agencies," says David Vurma, CEO of the marketing agency Acomware.

Thanks to the partnership, people from the agency have a Customer Experience & Retention team access to a whole range of news, interesting data or educational programs. Close cooperation also allows us insight into the development of the platform, we can monitor the development of trends and thus stay ahead of the competition.

Marketing automation? Today, companies cannot survive without a powerful tool

Businesses realize that working with customer data in real time and automating marketing is a big trend, but without a powerful tool in this field, they cannot survive today. It is often possible to encounter a situation where companies have their customer data left idle in various places, use little of its potential and do not work with it in real time. 

The Bloomreach Engagement (formerly Exponea) CDP platform allows you to work with customer data and subsequent automated communication with your customers (whether via e-mail or SMS, weblayers and others) based on their previous behavior. And what is important, everything happens in real time, moreover, audiences from social networks or customer data from other data platforms can be connected to this system. 

It is an open system into which new functionalities can be integrated. "Just mthe ability to create your own connection (integration) is one of the biggest advantages of this CDP platform. Each new integration of the communication channel thus brings new business opportunities and, of course, higher sales from retention," says Vurma.

"We like to push the campaigns forward with our clients, that's why we got the idea to include classic paper letters in addition to e-mail, SMS, push notifications and weblayers. However, we wanted to automate the entire distribution process via this platform and personalize communication based on previous customer behavior. So we ensured integration into the platform, fine-tuned the graphic content of the printed communication, segmented customers based on their previous behavior in the online environment and engaged automation, after which the communication traveled to the printer and from there directly to the customer. A personalized printed letter with a discount coupon was waiting for him in the mailbox," explains Ivona Ševčíková, Head of Customer Experience & Retention of the Acomware team.

Up to 30x higher sales thanks to new integrations

"You'd be surprised how successful physical writing can be these days. For example, for key customers or as part of the welcome process for new ones," adds Vurma.Classification of letters to retention campaigns aimed at inactive customers brought up to 30x higher sales. Current customers not only used the discount coupons, which were part of the communication, but also shared them with their friends. All this communication also scored points in the area of customer loyalty and relationship to the brand, and the client received a number of positive reactions to it.

"Thanks to various integrations, we can also provide personalized printing and subsequent distribution of catalogs, flyers or advertising items via this platform Would you like your customer to receive a personalized item when they reach a certain level in the loyalty program? Perhaps with the name of a child or an animal? We can also solve this through Bloomreach, including ensuring printing and distribution. Everything happens automatically, you just run the script," describes Vurma.

For many companies, we have solved the possibility of opting out of marketing SMS via this platform. The Office for Personal Data Protection requires that the method of unsubscribing from marketing SMS is free and does not require an internet connection. "So neither a link nor a call to a paid infoline is a legal solution. We can also easily solve this through Bloomreach. In addition, Mrthanks to this platform, we can also monitor the relationship with customers using the NPS methodology and thus continuously automatically verify their satisfaction, catch those who are dissatisfied in time and work with them," says Vurma.

Push notifications to the mobile even without a mobile app

"The most recent innovation that we have integrated into the CDP platform is the Customer Card for Apple and Google Wallet. We have repeatedly heard from clients that they would like to send push notifications to customers on their mobile phones, but they do not have their own mobile application. We found a solution for that and implemented a new integration," adds Ivona Ševčíková.

You can send customers a copy of a physical loyalty card from Bloomreach, or even a new digital card, which they can then add to the Wallet on their mobile phone. Various push notifications can then be sent to it, just as if the customer had your application on their mobile phone. These notifications can also be displayed by geolocation. For example, if a customer passes by your store, you can send him a special discounted or discounted offer on his mobile phone. It benefits not only the merchant, but especially the customer himself, who gets an interesting bonus thanks to it.

Thanks to this platform we help increase profits not only for small and medium-sized companies, but also for large ones, in various sectors: Astratex fashion e-shop, pet supplies retailer Spokojnypes.cz, DEK construction companies, Europapier company, Creditas Bank, auto accessories specialist Auto Hotárek, Hudy outdoor equipment company, Fishmax and Sconto companies and many to another. 

Media Contact:

Jitka Gráfová
Marketing Communications Manager, jitka.grafova@acomware.cz, +420 739 542 758 

About Acomware 

Acomware is a marketing agency for e-commerce and digital marketing. It has been operating on the market for 21 years and helps companies achieve the best possible results in its environment. It increases sales, builds new brands or improves customer care. It prepares personalized campaigns directly tailored to customers, creates content that catches the eye, shoots video spots, takes care of clients' social networks and ensures the purchase of media space. The company's services are used by retail chains, e-shops and manufacturing companies. The Czech e-commerce scene is a home for Acomware, which it is actively trying to develop and cultivate. He participates in the development and implementation of new tools and technologies, trains experts and enthusiasts. He is the organizer of the Eshopista series of networking events. It also includes the creative agency Blueglue, which recently received awards in the Internet Effectiveness Awards 2022, IMC Czech Awards and the prestigious European creative competition Impact Awards. More at acomware.cz.