Automatic rules can now be used on Sklik. Campaigns become more effective by up to 20 %!

In the Sklik advertising network, automatic rules can now be used through the external tool of ACOMWARE, which will make it easier for advertisers to work with campaign optimization. According to the first results, they will help increase efficiency by up to 20 %, which can bring up to hundreds of new orders to e-shops.

The companies ACOMWARE and Sortivo have recently launched a new extension of the Sklik advertising network, which enables automatic optimization of prices per click, in the form of an external application using the Sklik API. ACOMWARE has been offering automated rules to its customers exclusively since March 14, 2014.

The first results confirm that when using automatic rules there is a significant increase in the effectiveness of the campaign"Already today, we are able to gradually increase the profitability of campaigns by 10-20 %. This improves the performance of the entire campaign, for example in the form of an increase in the number of orders," explains Jan Fencík, Performance Advertising Manager at ACOMWARE.

Automatic rules in the Sklik network work on a simple principle: the customer chooses the rules according to which the system automatically adjusts his prices per click. It can be, for example, the positions of keywords, the share of cost of turnover, conversion and other parameters. “For example, you can increase the cost per click for keywords where the cost-to-revenue share does not exceed 20 %. This will ensure the best possible position of the keywords in the search results and at the same time a greater number of orders." adds Jan Fencík. At the same time, the rules can be set arbitrarily and without restrictions.

The development of automatic rules will continue in the coming weeks, especially in connection with Sortivo's existing PPC Hit tool. This will allow you to automatically generate reports and campaigns based on the XML feed of the e-shop's products. In a short time, the e-shop can run thousands of reports on specific products and simply update them.

ACOMWARE actively participated in the development of automatic rules for customers. "Thanks to educated specialists, Sklik's automatic rules and the use of other techniques, today we offer the best management of PPC campaigns for the e-commerce segment." adds company director Jan Penkala.

The full press release is download here.