Managing commodity comparators

We'll help you set up an effective conversion funnel and reach those users who are just thinking about buying.

What will our work bring you?


We will get your goods into the basket. Comparison shops are usually at the end of a customer's conversion journey and therefore provide an effective opportunity to persuade to purchase.


Be on the front lines. We'll differentiate you from the competition in search and make sure customers notice you.


We know what we are doing. We will find the right strategy and choose the ideal way to save you a large part of the costs.

Don't let conversions slip away. We use commodity comparators to save you money and get you to the right place at the right time.

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Andrea Chamilla
Head of Performance

How do we achieve this?

Analyzes XML feeds

Getting it right is half the battle. We'll look at your XML feeds and evaluate opportunities for improvement. Whether you just want to assess the current situation, make recommendations or make effective changes, we know how.

Determination strategy

There is no fast track to winning online. Therefore, together we will set a strategy to achieve your goals. We will help you define product categories, select brands suitable for promotion and advise on the promotion model. We are concerned with real results.


Technology is meant to serve people. We know the latest trends and with the help of artificial intelligence we can manage your feeds efficiently and with cost savings. We are not a garage company or a group of enthusiasts, but a consulting company that moves the digital market.

Continuous optimalization

We don't wait to see how things turn out. We are constantly reviewing our campaigns and looking for room for improvement. We know the market and we know that responding to changes is key. Without exception, we work with the margin in mind, use your full potential and protect your business.

We are a certified agency

We believe proven technologies