E-mail marketing

Make the most of email. Long-term, sustainable and intelligent.

What will our work bring you?


Your investment in e-mails will pay off with us. We will demonstrably, long-term and measurably increase your sales.


Good clients keep coming back. We use our email campaigns to increase customer retention and loyalty to your brand.


We'll get you to multiple mailboxes. We have years of proven ways to grow your customer base.

We will rid you of inefficient communication and prepare a sustainable e-mailing strategy. We can do it together. You and our team of experts.

Ivona Ševčíková
Head of Retention &
Customer Experience

How we achieve this

Analysis and strategy

We understand your customers and their needs. We set precise and measurable goals and prepare a strategy. Thanks to our structured procedures, we will find out exactly how to make your brand, products or services more popular.

Segmentation customers

We will put together groups of customers with similar interests. This will ensure that you only reach the relevant audience. Personalized communication increases not only sales, but also customer satisfaction.

Automatic campaigns

We will use the technologies of the future and save you time and work. We set up advanced automatic campaigns that can notify the customer of an unfinished order, remind them to buy ink for the printer, or perhaps wish them a happy holiday.

Realization mailing list

We will prepare turnkey newsletters for you. We will create a unique style for your e-mails and make sure that your customers can read them comfortably on a computer or phone. From texts to graphics and coding to evaluation.

Training and workshops

Knowledge is the most valuable thing. Take away from our training useful information and practical procedures to help you break into the world of email marketing.

We believe proven technologies