PPC training

Learn to use your own data to create effective performance campaigns in popular PPC systems.

What will the training bring you?

Lots of knowledge

You will take away from the training a deep understanding of most PPC systems and techniques to create great campaigns.

Tips and tricks

We will pass on our know-how to you. We will prepare proven tips and tricks tailored to your business that will help in online business.


The acquired knowledge will give you some independence in campaign management. You can handle minor and medium adjustments all by yourself.

I will show you the most reliable way to powerful campaigns, high-quality clicks and, above all, to higher sales.

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Vladimir Spurny
Head of Performance

What do participants say about the workshop?

Izabela Kozak

"Information sought on the Internet is often impractical, conferences can intimidate a beginner with their professional level and terminology. Acomware specialists gave me a helping hand. They are able to perfectly capture the issue of Pay-per-click advertising in a general framework and show the real possibilities of setting up campaigns. Their trainings were interesting, practical and presented in an accessible way. The next day after the training, I was able to set up PLA campaigns myself, and I also better understood the possibilities of advertising on YouTube. I am sure they will help anyone who wants to acquire new skills and deepen their knowledge.”

Come and educate yourself


according to contract


Maximum 3 people
for one price




according to individual requirements