Agatha's world: Facebook has proven itself as a sales channel

We have been cooperating with the Agátina svět e-shop for a long time, for example on PPC campaigns in the AdWords and Sklik systems. At the beginning of last year, we expanded the cooperation with Facebook campaigns, the main goal of which was simple: to bring new sales and increase revenues.

In order for the campaigns to bring the desired effect, we therefore focused on the selection of products with high margins, for which the client assumed a greater degree of popularity among customers. The resulting campaign had the following parameters:

The strategy of valuable content, precise optimization of campaigns and prevention of unprofitable sets paid off. CPC Facebook ad campaigns, active for 10 months this year, accounted for up to 53.4 % of total sales Facebook. And although the values PNO during the first months they fluctuated, from June to October they gradually fell to 10 %.

You can find more information in the infographic below this text.

Případová studie - Case-Agatin-svet-2016
Case study - Case-Agatin-svet-2016