Save up to 20 % costs

Use our CSS program and advertise more effectively in product campaigns.

Advertise cheaper than your competition

Up to 20% discount in Google Shopping campaigns

We'll make your PLA campaigns cheaper thanks to a lower cost per click. This will give you an advantage over the competition.

Increase return on investment

For the same money, you get a wider reach and more clicks on your products. This allows you to use the budget more efficiently.

by one
by e-mail

We will prepare a simple application for you, which you will send in one e-mail. Expect the result in a few days..

Thanks to Acomware CSS, we have saved 20 % in costs in our product campaigns. We were very surprised at how quickly we handled everything with just one e-mail.

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Tomas Haskovec
Marketing Director

You most often ask us…

What is a CSS program?

This program allows you to advertise your products on Google up to 20 % cheaper. It is a reaction to the decision of the European Commission. 

It requires Google to provide the same space in search results to other product comparators as it does to its Google Shopping service. You will get this opportunity to take advantage of the situation exclusively through us.


What are the benefits of engaging with a CSS partner?

It lowers your cost per click in Google product campaigns by up to 20 %. For the same price, you get more reach and the number of clicks. The saved funds will allow you to have wider options for using your budget.


How will the CSS partner change be reflected?

It will only change text below the rating of individual products in Shopping campaigns. Nothing else. Products still point to your website. The advertising process also remains the same.


Will I still have support from Google after switching to a CSS partner?

For the vast majority of Czech e-shops, nothing changes. Classical ticketing system works even after switching to CSS. However, after the transition, clients with high budgets are taken over by Google's shopping campaign strategist. He answers clients' questions related to campaign performance. Google Ads support continues to help them solve common "operational" tasks in Google Merchant Center.


Do you have relevant data that I get 20 % discount?

According to the statistics of our clients and foreign advertisers, the discount is actually 20 % on average. All Czech and foreign portals operate with this discount. Some of our advertisers have even achieved a 30% CPC reduction after deployment.


In which countries do you offer the service?

We currently offer the CSS program next to it Czech Republic and for Slovakia and Poland. Other states will soon follow.


How fast can you run this program?

In a few days from your contact. We will process the request into our program and arrange the activation. No extra editing. No complicated account sharing. We can handle the whole operation ourselves in no time. 


How much do I pay to get the 20% discount?

We write the entire 20% discount directly into your cost per click. We only charge a small monthly fee for inclusion in our price comparator. We calculate its amount individually according to your number of advertised products and total spend in this type of campaign.



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