ACOMWARE has a new CEO

Jan Penkala, David Vurma a Petra Pacáková
Jan Penkala, David Vurma and Petra Pacáková

As of May 2, 2018, David Vurma, who until now led the company's largest departments – Performance and Digital Media, became the new CEO of ACOMWARE. He took over the management of the consulting company from Jan Penkala, who left the position of CEO after four years. However, he remains with the company and will focus on relations with key technology partners and new product development.

David Vurma worked for several years at the Performio agency from the Dignity group. He has been a part of ACOMWARE for almost 2.5 years. On his appointment he stated: "ACOMWARE has come a long way and is in excellent condition. So there couldn't be a better time to embark on the next stage in the life of our company. The company is full of great people who have been here for many years. I believe that we can do great things together!” David Vurma's current position will be filled by Petra Pacáková, who holds the role of Performance Advertising Strategist in the department.

Last year, ACOMWARE earned a record 191.5 million CZK. There has also been a shift in the range of services provided. Today, the company focused on e-shops is a full-fledged digital agency. Under the baton of the new executive director, it will undergo a planned transformation of the brand, a focus on strengthening the company's professional position or the development of planned products and the integration of new technologies.

"I thank Honzo Penkal for the years at the head of ACOMWARE. He has a lot to do with making the company what it is today: one of the most important digital agencies on the market. During his tenure, the company's turnover quadrupled. I am glad that he is not leaving the company and will continue in his new role. I expect David Vurma to further develop the company's position." Michal Hanák, managing director of ACOMWARE, s.r.o., and member of the board of directors of MAFRA, as, which owns ACOMWARE, adds to the change.

About the company ACOMWARE s. r. o.

ACOMWARE is a specialized consulting company for e-commerce. We focus primarily on help in entering the online market, e-commerce consulting, increasing traffic, business performance and intelligent e-mailing. In 15 years of operation, we have served over 3,000 internet projects.

The team consists of more than 75 experienced specialists. As part of e-commerce development, we publish a number of case studies or analyses, and we also organize trainings and workshops. For all e-commerce fans, we also bring a cycle of discussions with successful Internet entrepreneurs Eshopista.

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